Ups and downs

I’m stuck in my home-town because of an annoying backache, I’ll take this opportunity to write a small post.


So I went to Boston and things did not go as planned.

First there was the rain: I ended up walking a quarter of an hour under a heavy rain and arrived at the venue just as if I crossed the Charles by swimming. I was so grateful for the dry jQuery T-shirt they gave us! My laptop was OK but I was still freezing. Was I going to give my first talk in wet pants? Not such an enjoyable perspective…

I was after all dry for the talk, but that did not help much. I was afraid the biggest problem would be my nervousness and my accent, but it turned out that the demo I prepared was too abstract, distracting and did not match the expectations of the audience , probably composed of intermediate/advanced jQuery developers. In the thirty minutes or so that followed the conference I realized all the mistakes I did, and yet it was too late.

I therefore asked Karl Swedberg to write a follow-up post on with the content that I felt, retrospectively, appropriate for the conf.


You can now read my first post, More Event Delegation with jQuery, on this official jQuery blog. I actually decided to split the original content. There will be a part 4 explaining the way non-bubbling events are made compatible with .live() in jQuery 1.4 (the sections about focus/blur and mouseenter/mouseleave are already written, but the implementation of submit/change/select is not ready yet). The fifth part is going to be shorter, discussing the performance in event delegation with jQuery.

The conference was also a good opportunity to get to meet members of the jQuery community. The few people I had a chance to chat with (mostly foreigners, what a coincidence!) were really nice people. I was thrilled with the announcement of an up-coming jQuery conf in London, I hope I’ll be able to join once again.

What’s next?

First things first, I hope I will heal quickly, staying in bed all day long really doesn’t suit me. I shouldn’t be using a computer right now… I cannot help it.

I’ll be in Praha from the second to the fifth of October for the EU MozCamp. It looks like I’ll see many of the people I met in Madrid, those two days can only be fantastic! And I’ll take two extra days to visit this wonderful city with a friend from uni.

Then it will be time to look for a job… Independence, at last!