Busy September

My report was just handed-in, I was starting to feel relieved of all the pressure and the work… when I learned that I was going to give a talk at the jQuery conf in Boston and the MozCamp in Praha (in October actually, but in less than one month from now). I’ll be sponsored by Teesside University for Boston, and for Praha I don’t know but I’ve got good friends living over there, I’m not too worried.

No matter how great those news are, it means that I’ll have to prepare my talks and will thus have less time to work on ToDoSo. It doesn’t even mean that the project is on pause, since I will have to use a presentation software for at least one of these talks, and I’d like to use mine!

In September I’ll also have to move from Middlesbrough to Lyon and start to search for a real job!

You can expect to see new projects for the Open Web on this Blog, I’ll soon introduce the first version of “EventSound: audible jQuery events”.