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Music is my fuel #1: about efforts and Xploding plastix

And lets this be my first attempt to make this blog a little bit more interesting by speaking about what fuels my life day after day: Music.

You shouldn’t expect your ears to be pleased when first listening to the songs from this blog. Sometime you will just hate what I propose or worse, you won’t even have any feeling. I know that you, dear visitor, are a compulsive clicker, that there is thousands of interesting Web pages just one click away and thus no reason for you to listen to the tormented/ambient electro you are likely to find here. But discovering a new band or even a new style of music may be worth putting some efforts into it. What kind of efforts dare I ask you to make? Just to set yourself in the best conditions possible to listen to music: a comfortable sit, a quiet room, using earphones is a must. Then listen to the song from the beginning to the end. Sometimes a song turns out to be very interesting after the first minute…

I will often try to provide information about the band and always link to their myspace, wikipedia or deezer page for you to have a better idea about what and who you are listening to. It will also give you an opportunity to listen to other songs from the same artist that should be more accessible (and pleasant ; ).

Enough reading, lets listen to Dizzy Blonde, by Xploding Plastixwp my dzr

Dizzy Blonde

Few weeks ago, Marie introduced me to the music of this Norwegian two-man band with the song they are famous for: Treat Me Mean, I Need the Reputation. I’m now in love with them, even though their last album is quite disappointing. This song can be found on the second and penultimate album of the band: The Donca Matic Singalongs (2003). This album is unfortunately no longer available on Amazon… On the very same album you’ll find Sunset Spirals, which is by far more accessible but I wanted something crazier for this first “Music is my fuel” post. ‘Hope you won’t be disappointed.